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Top Universities In Turkey

Top Universities In TurkeyThere are many best and great universities in Turkey for both students such as international students as well as Turkish students seeking a best and good four years education. According to the survey there are 145 universities in turkey. Turkey is the best place or destination for those students who want to get higher studies or education in abroad. Majority of the universities are state universities which includes different fields like arts, technology and technical studies. All these universities use English as their main language for the convenience of international students and offer many modern and latest conveniences. Here we will discuss top universities in turkey are as follows:

1.            Middle East Technical University.

2.            Bogazici University.

3.            Bilkent University.

4.            Istanbul Technical University.

5.            Hacettepe university.

Middle East Technical university:

For the purpose of technical studies, this university is considered as a highly regarded and top university in turkey with strengths in the fields of engineering and the sciences. For the ease and convenience of international students, the classes are taught in English and this university has the largest library of all the universities in turkey. There are 40 undergraduate programs in 6 faculties with 500 academic instructors providing a best education to almost 24,000 students.

Bogazici University:

Bogazici University was founded in 1971 and this is a public university located on the European side of turkey. This university is considered one of the best and most prominent educational universities in turkey. This university is popular and renowned in different fields such as engineering, social sciences and natural sciences.

Bilkent university:

Bilkent university is the first private university in turkey and now this university has the highest and best ranked university of turkey. Bilkent university has 5000 acre campus and 9 faculties along with 40 undergraduate and graduate departments for 15000 students. This university is popular and renowned for computer engineering, electrical engineering and industrial engineering departments.

Istanbul technical university:

Istanbul technical university was established in 1773 and this university is recognized with engineering and architectural education. This university teaches necessary skills to the students that are needed in implementing new infrastructure projects for country. This university has 5 campuses that include social centers latest sports facilities.

Hacettepe university:

This university is famous and renowned for medical sciences but it also includes a complete range of academic programs. Moreover, this university also offer different facilities such as children hospital, medical technology school and nursing school. About 28,000 students enjoying the use of biomedical library, sports recreation centers and dormitories for students.

On the whole these are best and top universities in turkey and these universities are renowned and famous in different fields. These universities not only offer educational facilities for international students but also offer recreational and different activities to them. These universities brighten the future of students. For all those students who want to get admission in these universities they should do proper and thorough research before getting admission into them.

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